Stark Tower Defense is a tower defence game with the characters from the super hero squad show from Marvel Kids.

This is a very fun tower defence game. It is 30 levels long and has a normal and epic level. You also collect awards for meeting the criteria of challenges.

How To Play

Build Towers: Click and drag the super hero icon into the city map. This creates the tower.

Upgrade Towers: Towers can be upgraded to silver and gold level. This will make the tower more powerful.

Send Next Wave: Send the next wave to get bonus points.

The Towers:

Ms. Marvel

Tower Class: Bio Bullets

  • Cost to Build (bronze): 5
  • Upgrade to Silver: 15
  • Upgrade to Gold: 30

Rapid fire with low damage.
Upgrade to increase speed and range.

Spider Man
Tower Class: Webbing

  • Cost to Build (bronze): 15
  • Upgrade to Silver: 35
  • Upgrade to Gold: 65

Slows down enemies.
Upgrade to make slow down effect stronger and longer.

Iron Man
Tower Class: Rockets

  • Cost to Build (bronze): 25
  • Upgrade to Silver: 45
  • Upgrade to Gold: 100

Medium fire range, with medium damage.
Upgrade to gold level to get smart rockets.

Cost: 30 S 60 G 115
Tower Class: Laser

  • Cost to Build (bronze): 30
  • Upgrade to Silver: 60
  • Upgrade to Gold: 115

Medium fire, with medium damage.
Silver and gold can hit multiple enemies at once.

Tower Class: Lightning

  • Cost to Build (bronze): 40
  • Upgrade to Silver: 85
  • Upgrade to Gold: 130

Slow fire with high damage.
Upgrade to increase number of enemies that can be hit at once.